RHS Fall Production: Urinetown The Musical

By Mericel Mirabal

Urinetown: The Musical is a comedic musical satire of social irresponsibility, the bureaucracy, politics and musical theatre itself! It’s about a Gotham like city with a water shortage, which was caused by a 20-year drought. The citizens must use public amenities, which are regulated by a company that profits by charging admission for a basic human necessity. One of them decides to be a hero and devises a plan to lead them to freedom.

Seniors Chrispfel Simo, Karen Munoz, and Jefferson Lopez recently talked about the production.

“I knew that I wanted to be involved in this show, because I know that I want to go to college and major in music,” Karen says. “I knew that performing this show would certainly give me some needed experience and teach me valuable things.” Karen is portraying the lead female character, Hope Cladwell.

“I wanted to do another show with all my friends, especially since now I’m a senior,” says Jefferson, who will be portraying the lead male character, Bobby Strong.

Chrispfel will be portraying the role of Little Sally, and she says, “I love musical theatre, I love my character, and this is my senior year at Reading High School, I wouldn’t leave knowing I didn’t get to enjoy being in another fall musical.”

Jefferson says his biggest challenge is being able to play a rebel that is strong, yet sweet and even naïve, at times. Chrispfel feels that although her character is much younger than she is, she loves being able to portray a completely different person. Karen adds it is challenging to be in character.

“Everyone has such a unique character they need to play, and they are each so different,” she says. “It’s amazing how far we’ve come, considering the complexities of the show tunes and scenes. I definitely feel proud to be part of this ensemble.”

According to Chrispfel, many can be astounded at all the comical breaks and the small snickering moments throughout the show. People will be surprised to see how relevant the show is to today even though it was written over 15 years ago, Jefferson adds.

“I think that something anyone can take from this show is that sure, love can be at first sight or very sudden, but one must keep their head and thoughts straight before they act out of love,” Karen says.

When asked about their favorite experiences at the rehearsals so far, Jefferson says, “My favorite experience so far has been seeing all the dances take shape. It’s a very fast and dance heavy show, so I find that very fun.”

“Getting to get close to all the cast members slowly throughout the buildup of the show and sharing so many good times with everyone” has been her favorite,” Chrispfel says.

Karen agrees, adding the show would be very enjoyable for all because it’s a hilarious love story that is worth knowing about. “Being able to see that everyone is having fun. It is definitely a show in which, the cast can be very well involved and can have so much fun with their characters. We are all a team and have been working fantastically great together.”

Although the title is deceiving, Chrispfel adds it is very funny, has diverse characters, as well as, wonderful scenes and tunes.

Urinetown: The Musical will be performed on Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th at 7:30 p.m. in the Reading High School Auditorium. The seating is general admission, and the cost for adults is $10 and $5 for students. Please come out and enjoy the show.

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